Sonja Cook

Your Independent Consultant

I first learned of this awesome food from some new friends who lived five hours away.  They kept telling me how good the food was and after some thought that I would like to become a Consultant, I traveled the five hours just to try this freeze-dried food. 

My first bite was the Green Peas and I haven't looked back ever since!  This food is amazing and I now use it in my everyday cooking.  It's so great to be able to "shop" from the comfort of my own home, any time of the day or night without leaving or wasting gas.  I simply take a basket and go downstairs and pick out everything I want.

Talk about food insurance....I mean, we have insurance for everything....why not food insurance!  It's comforting to know if bad weather is coming my way, I can stay home and not "fight" for that last loaf of bread or that last gallon of milk at the grocery store.  I already have everything on hand to make some wonderful tasting bread and wonderful tasting milk!  And.....anything else I and my family want to eat!


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