Monthly Compensation Plan

Earnings are based on the lowest qualifying total. Monthly totals are based on the calendar month. Team earnings will fluctuate according to each month's totals, however your rank will remain at its highest point.

In order to receive commissions, all consultants must set up a personal Q plan for $50-300 in product each month. It is imperative that consultants learn to use and cook with THRIVE on a regular basis. This will give them an authentic ability to teach about and help new users understand the Q and all the benefits that THRIVE foods have to offer.

How to Join

1. Purcase a Starter Kit There are several kit options with everything you need to get started. The cost is only $199! What other traditional business can you start for that amount?

2. Set up Your Q You will also need to set up a personal Q of at least $50 to receive monthly commissions.